​Jennifer Theriault, LCSW

-  Children, Adolescents, & Adult Psychotherapy  -

Specialized Support

  • child and adolescent psychotherapy
  • adult psychotherapy
  • parent guidance
  • support groups
  • couples therapy
  • workshops
  • speaking engagements
  • referral services

Consultation Services

At times, making the commitment to begin psychotherapy can be difficult.  I offer a 60 minute consultation service to assess your needs and explore treatment options and/or appropriate referrals.

" Play is the work of              children... "

-  J. Piaget

​​Families with children who have special needs experience unique struggles.  I specialize in working with families who need emotional support and practical guidance related to raising a child with special needs.

Clinical Services

"Our wounds are often the       openings into the best and  most beautiful part of us...  "

- David Richo

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